Friday, June 7, 2013

Studentworks build new homes for penguins at Penguin

06/06/2013 ,  by Chris Ball

Darren Shepherd 16 drilling the ventilation holesThis is the story of new homes in Tasmania ...
A year or so ago when TasRail shifted old ballast aside for kilometres of track improvements, they inadvertently disturbed the habitat for little penguins.
It was an unfortunate accident but TasRail has joined forces with Studentworks to replace the damage done.
Soon,  little homes for little penguins will pop up on the coastline devastated by the accident ... thanks to the partnership with Studentworks.
 Damien Brown spoke to Polly McGee from TasRail.
Tristan Blazely 15 and Matthew Barnett 16 mixing the cement1Alex Mitchell 15 making the frames1


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