Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The penguin with 'cold feet'

Toddy has been at Kelly Tarltons since 1994

Toddy has been at Kelly Tarltons since 1994

By 3 News online staff

One of Kelly Tarlton's Sea Life Aquarium's senior King penguins is feeling the winter blues more than usual lately.
Toddy, now 25 years old, has taken a disliking to having his feet in the snow.
Most of Toddy's wild counterparts only live to be 15, but due to his advanced age Toddy suffers from arthritis in his feet.

While most people wear slippers or socks when their feet are cold, the team at Kelly Tarlton's has come up with another solution.
The specialist curatorial team has placed an insulating rubber mat in the Antarctic Penguin enclosure to help ease Toddy's aches and pains.
The bird, who's been at the aquarium since 1994, likes nothing more than relaxing on his special mat after a morning swim.

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