Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Family of penguins reunited thanks to £250,000 project

The penguins are reunited in their new surroundings in Great Yarmouth
The penguins are reunited in their new surroundings in Great Yarmouth
in News by Haydn Lewis
A FEATHERED family have been reunited thanks to a £250,000 project to build them a new home.
Staff at Scarborough Sea Life Sanctuary have brought about a happy family re-union with the completion of their latest attraction Penguin Island which has led to the attraction's 12 resident Humboldt penguins taking a short break at the sanctuary’s sister venue in Great Yarmouth with their existing eight Humboldts and six new arrivals from Belgium.

As well as briefly creating one of the biggest flocks of Humboldts in the country – 26 birds in all – the move has brought penguin mum Clumsy back together with son Nester and daughter Mumbles and introduced her for the first time to her three granddaughters.

Mumbles and Nester transferred from Scarborough two years ago, and Mumbles has since hatched out chicks Pitcher and Blossom, while Nester has sired a daughter Leia.
Scarborough Sea Life’s Lyndsey Crawford, said: “With so many penguins milling about and socialising it’s hard to pick out individuals even with the help of their uniquely colour-coded wing tags. Our colleagues in Great Yarmouth soon realised though that Nester and Mumbles and their off-spring were being especially friendly with Clumsy. The way they posture and chatter at each other it’s as if Nester and Mumbles are showing off their children to grandma and reminiscing,” she added.

The reunited family will have until mid-March to bill and coo about old times before the Scarborough penguins head back to their smart new enclosure with their six new friends from Belgium.
Ms Crawford, said: “They will find a new enlarged penguin paradise complete with spectacular new rock work and a waterfall and stream feeding into their spacious dive pool. “There will also be a cave in which visitors can watch them underwater, but the main attraction for visitors will remain a secret for now.”


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