Thursday, March 24, 2016

Four new penguin chicks hatch at Ski Dubai

Four new penguin chicks hatch at Ski Dubai
Ski Dubai is pleased to announce the birth of Peter, the Gentoo chick, joining its penguin family. The healthy chick hatched on December 22. Courtesy Ski Dubai
DUBAI // Four new gentoo penguin chicks have hatched, joining the penguin family at Ski Dubai.
Peter hatched in December within the gentoo colony as part of Ski Dubai’s snow penguin breeding programme, while Litmit, Apple and Pecan hatched in January.
Peter’s proud parents, Sneezy and Mr Sim, had been taking turns to protect their nest, eagerly awaiting their offspring.
Peter’s gender is currently unknown as Ski Dubai awaits the results of DNA testing, which are expected in the coming weeks.
The other three chicks are currently in the feeding and exploring stages of their development.
Peter Dickinson, head of Ski Dubai’s penguin department, said: “Peter, who is progressing fast, currently weights about 8kg, and is checked daily to ensure that enough weight is gained, in line with our development measures. Peter recently tried swimming for the first time with the adult penguins, which we’re pleased to say was a great success, as this is a very important milestone for any growing penguin chick."
The Penguin Encounter at Ski Dubai first opened with the arrival of 10 king and 10 gentoo penguins in February 2012 and is now home to 28 penguins, including the four new chicks.


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