Saturday, March 26, 2016

Staff at Weymouth SEA LIFE discover unexpected Easter treat in penguin enclosure

Meghan Hindley, Trainee Reporter /

STAFF at Weymouth SEA LIFE Adventure Park got an unexpected Easter treat when they discovered their two newest penguin residents laid two eggs.
Mango and Yew who were previously at the Seaview Wildlife Encounter in the Isle of Wight were brought to Weymouth SEA LIFE Adventure Park to join the existing colony of 11 Humboldt penguins at Christmas.

The two new residents have wasted no time settling into their new home with two new eggs being laid, to the surprise of staff.
Humboldt Penguins moult once a year in June and replace all of their feathers with new ones. They are a vulnerable species and as a result of this, Weymouth SEA LIFE Adventure Park started a breeding program in 2001 to help sustain numbers in captivity due to their drastic decline in the wild.

With only about 12,000 Humboldt’s left in the wild, breeding colonies throughout centres will help to sustain numbers in captivity and will also help to raise awareness of their conservation status.
When the chicks hatch, they are helpless and blind. After a few hours, they are able to open their eyes, lift up their head and beg for food.

The first weeks are very dangerous for a chick, as it can not regulate its body temperature, and therefore completely depends on their parents.


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