Thursday, November 11, 2010

Barney the Penguin Leaving for a New Home

Sea Life Centre Aquarium in Scarborough's Barney the Penguin Leaving for a New Home

Wed, 11/10/2010 - 4:02 PM
By Michaela Sterriker
Scarborough, UK - Staff at the Sea Life Centre Aquarium in Scarborough will be saying a sad goodbye to a favourite resident today when Barney the penguin will be leaving for his new home in Gweek.
As part of a breeding programme, Barney will be moving to the National Seal Sanctuary to meet a prospective mate.
The National Seal Sanctuary has 5 female Humboldt Penguins and as Barney is a single male, he was the perfect candidate for this blind date.
“Barney is such a character and we will all miss him terribly. He is a very strong-willed bird who loves to play so we are sure he will fit in well his new home” said Lyndsey Crawford.
Barney will make the 7 hour journey to Gweek today making a few stops on the way for some lunch.
“The team transporting Barney are well stocked with his favourite food” said Lyndsey
The dating game will begin later today when Barney will be introduced to his new housemates…but who will he choose?
“We will keep in touch with our sister sanctuary so we will know how Barney is settling in and whether he has successfully chosen a mate” said Lyndsey
The Humboldt Penguin is endangered in the wild due to farmers raiding their nests for guano (penguin’s droppings) which farmers use to fertilise their crops.
Changing weather factors affecting the temperatures of the sea also causes problems for the penguins in the wild by reducing the amount of fish which they can catch to eat.


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