Monday, November 22, 2010

More on William and Kate

Dudley Zoo names new penguin chicks William and Kate 
Humboldt penguins
Humboldt penguins are classed as 'vulnerable'
Keepers at Dudley Zoo are celebrating the royal engagement by naming two rare baby penguins after Prince William and Kate Middleton.

One of the Humboldt chicks was born on the day the announcement was made and the other had hatched ten days earlier.

Chief Executive Peter Suddock said: "We were thinking of names for the chicks so we called them William and Kate to mark the occasion."
The zoo has a colony of over 60 parent-reared Humboldt penguins.

Local links

Peter Suddock also pointed out the tourist attraction's royal history.
He said: "Dudley Zoo incorporates the 11th century Dudley Castle which has strong connections. Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Elizabeth II have both visited and several dukes and earls have strong ties with the site."

"We wish Prince William and Kate Middleton a long and very happy future," he added.

Humboldt penguins are native to South America and named after the cold water current in which they swim.
The current itself takes its name from explorer Alexander Von Humboldt.

Dudley Zoo says the species is classed as vulnerable due to a declining population.

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