Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Penguins Provide Christmas Cheer in South Korea


Christmas is still a month away, but in South Korea a family of penguins dressed in Santa and reindeer costumes bring holiday cheer and spirit to the children.

On Tuesday, at an amusement park near Seoul, children welcomed the penguins as they waddled down the park’s decorated holiday avenue.

[Park Mee-Hwa, Zoo Trainer]:
“We're here with children to welcome Christmas with penguin friends in Santa and Rudolph outfits.”

Kids were thrilled to see the penguins.

[Lim Yoo-Jin]:
“It reminds me of Christmas and they are very pretty and cute.”

[Lee Do-Eun]:
“It's so exciting to see penguins in Santa outfits.”

The penguins are set to welcome park visitors everyday until Christmas with a mini-parade.

Christmas is a major holiday in South Korea, home to one of Asia's largest Christian populations.

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