Friday, August 9, 2013

Akemi the penguin wears beer cozies on her feet

hi-akemi-penguin-8col - Akemi the penguin wears beer cozies on her feet
There exists in this great world a penguin that wears beer cozies on her feet.  Let’s just let that fact sink in for a second.  Got it?  Okay.

Now, the penguin’s name is Akemi, and she actually didn’t choose to wear the footwear as a fashion statement, but rather to deal with a severe case of bumblefoot, a bacterial infection that afflicts captive birds.  She was having trouble walking, and then started gaining weight.  That’s when zookeepers realized that they needed to do something fast to help her out or her condition would likely worsen.   They bought her some standard penguin shoes, but they ended up being too big.  What’s a gal to wear when all of her options have been exhausted?

Beer cozies, obviously.

si akemi beer cozie Akemi the penguin wears beer cozies on her feetAkemi’s condition improved immediately.  She began walking and swimming and going about her usual activities, gaining strength and losing weight.
Her Calgary Zoo caretakers report that they replace the cozies each week, and secure them around her ankles with duct tape (you know, for that customized look).  She’s able to swim with them and, most importantly, can walk around comfortably.  One caretaker even said that she’s never attempted to remove them or mess with them, and seems okay with the set-up.  Considering how much she’s benefited from her new shoes, both stylistically and physically, it’s easy to see why.

Just look at her go, swimming off into the sunset:
And so we cheer on young Akemi, both for her fierce determination in the face of adversity, and her fierce fashion sense.

Oh, and lest this fact goes unestablished — no, you CANNOT wear beer cozies as footwear if you’re a human.  Even if you’re drunk and the sand’s hot at the beach and this seems like a really good idea.  Let’s just all agree that no good could come of a human wearing cozie shoes, and vow to leave that one to Akemi.  Got it?  Good.

si akemi swim Akemi the penguin wears beer cozies on her feet
All images via CBC News/Karen Moxley


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