Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Penguin gets sight back

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A 19 year-old Humboldt penguin from Colchester Zoo has had her sight saved after being treated at the Animal Health Trust (AHT).

The penguin, Wellamy, was referred to the AHT after her keepers noticed that her sight was deteriorating. Claudia Hartley, Head of Ophthalmology at the AHT, took a small team of AHT vets out to the zoo to assess Wellamy’s eye sight.

Wellamy was diagnosed with severe cataracts in both eyes. Surgery was the only option for this poor penguin in order to restore her vision, so that she could continue to live happily at Colchester Zoo with her colony.

Claudia Hartley said: “Upon examining Wellamy we found that she had cataracts in both eyes which meant her vision was extremely impaired, especially under water. She also had severe inflammation called uveitis due to the cataracts which was causing her discomfort. It was in her best interest that we operate as quickly as possible to relieve the pain and restore her sight.”


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