Friday, November 21, 2014

FLUFFY ALERT: Baby penguin first of its kind in Russia


Updated: Wednesday, November 19 2014
KRASNOYARSK, Russia (NBC News) --

Zookeepers in a Siberian city are taking care of a baby penguin that is the first of its kind born in Russia. The baby bird, or nestling, is a banded penguin, one of a South African breed protected by the government as an endangered species. A researcher at the zoo in Krasnoyarsk, who also takes care of the nestling, says it's the first baby of this kind of bird in Russia. As of now, the zoo has eight banded penguins. At the moment, the newly-hatched penguin is being kept and fed in an incubator. Specialists say the nestling will not appear in public until it grows bigger.


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