Friday, November 28, 2014

New Petition: Prime Minister Cameron - protect a penguin paradise!

To Prime Minister David Cameron:

As global citizens concerned about the effects of over-fishing and other harm to our ocean, we call on you to create the world's largest marine protected area around Pitcairn, Ascencion, and the South Sandwich Islands. We need your help to save our seas.
Millions of penguins, hundreds of thousands of turtles, and dozens of species found nowhere else. Now UK Prime Minister Cameronhas a chance to protect them all, and one-up President Obama by creating the world's largest marine reserve.It’s a friendly competition that could save our seas!

The waters around Pitcairn, Ascension, and the South Sandwich Islands are among the last near-pristine ocean areas on the planet, and everything is in place to protect them, including advanced techniques to make sure the rules are respected. Theseproposals are ready-to-go and even have local backing -- the Pitcairn islanders unanimously support protection!Insiders say that a lack of political pressure is the only real obstacle to this plan.

Click now to sign and then send a message telling the UK it’s time they protect penguin paradise! When 2 million sign, we’ll deliver our ocean of voices to a closed-door meeting with government ministers, and right to Cameron himself!


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