Saturday, November 8, 2014

Learning how penguins communicate at The Kansas City Zoo

Nov 6, 2014
KANSAS CITY, Mo. - How do penguins communicate with each other? How are they able to find a mate or chick from miles away just by calling?
Maureen Lynch is a penguin researcher and talked to students about all things penguins at The Kansas City Zoo on Thursday. She is working to answer how penguins communicate and she is using The Kansas City Zoo Gentoo penguins to do so.
The student research group includes eleven teachers and their classes from six school districts in what they are calling the, “Penguin CALLS program.”
Students were able to interact with Lynch’s team via Skype as part of their learning.
“An ecstatic call is when a penguin is saying hello to a friend,” Lynch said.
Penguins also have a lower call when trying to communicate with a mate and a hissing call when they are angry.


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