Saturday, March 14, 2015

Check out the fuzz of this newborn baby #penguin

Meet Zeke, a Humboldt penguin chick at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. 
Watch this fuzzy newborn get a checkup. VPC

COLUMBUS, Ohio - The Columbus Zoo is hearing the pitter patter of tiny feet.
Little penguin feet, to be precise.
Eggs laid by the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium's colony of Humboldt penguins 40 days ago are beginning to hatch.
The chicks are fed on a daily basis by their parents. They won't fledge for ten to 12 weeks.
In the wild, they'd stay in their parents' burrows for several more months before heading out to sea to forage.
Also called Peruvian penguins, these warm climate birds live on the off shore islands of Chile and Peru.
In their native lands their populations are undergoing a severe decline due to over-fishing of their prey.


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