Thursday, March 12, 2015

Iwi comes to rescue of hungry #penguins - yay!

By Megan Martin Published: Wednesday March 11, 2015 Source: ONE News
They may have sore feet, but these penguins are a lot happier now that more dinner is on its way.
ONE News reported on Monday that an unprecedented number of barracouta attacks have seen penguins brought into rehabilitation centres in the south.

Most of the penguins have injured feet or lower abdomens. Due to the high number of penguin patients, the rehabilitation centres are running out of fish to feed the convalescing birds.
Ngai Tahu Seafood has come to the penguins' party, gifting three tonnes of jack mackerel to a penguin hospital on Otago Peninsula.

Ngai Tahu spokesman, Phil Tumataroa, says it's a great outcome for everyone involved. One tonne of fish will arrive for the injured birds tomorrow, and two more tonne is due next week.

Sue Murray, from the Yellow-Eyed Penguin Trust says: "The generosity and offers that have come forward are fantastic."

"The fish will go a long way to help rehabilitate these injured and underweight penguins."


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