Saturday, November 7, 2015

Denver Zoo selling paintings made by penguins

How about a painting made by a penguin? / Denver Zoo
How about a painting made by a penguin? / Denver Zoo
DENVER (Denver Zoo) — Denver Zoo’s animal artists have once again painted a number of beautiful paintings for Denver Arts Week.

More than 10 animals supported the effort to create works for the famous weeklong celebration, created by Visit Denver to showcase Denver’s robust art scene. Art seekers looking for something on the wild side can review and bid on animal artwork online, beginning on November 6 and ending November 14 at .

With submissions that include thoughtful elephant trunk strokes and pretty paw prints, these works belong in only the most discerning art lovers’ homes.

Three African penguins put their beaked heads together to create a stunning series of pieces, perhaps none more moving than “Waddling for Juniper.” This is dedicated to African penguin Juniper, who opted not to participate this year after her piece last year was so poorly received by one art critic.

“These three artists’ tribute to the last masterpiece by fellow painter Juniper sheds light on the collaborative artistic community at the Denver Zoo,” says Denver Art Museum Curator of Painting and Sculpture Angelica Daneo. “In a world dominated by ‘prima donna’ personalities, it is refreshing to see Ramon, Rylie and Maddy set aside their individual ambitions and collaborate on a work captivating in its chromatic juxtapositions and abstract aesthetic.”

Orangutans Junie and Robin also created two paintings on canvas. “Swingin'” and “Baby Bosley” are sure to be favored by art scene critics.

Click here to see all the great works by these wild artists.


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