Wednesday, November 18, 2015

This twerking penguin has ruined Christmas for everyone

Worst. Christmas. Ever.

It's only November 17th but we're calling it. Once you watch this video you can't unsee the horror.
No amount of roses tins, Home Alone screenings or Fairytale of New York renditions will help you get over this.

US store "Big Lots" have promoted the toy as the essential stocking filler for Christmas this year. Their website describes the toy as "the gift that keeps on giving." Yes, "gift", interesting choice of words there.

Thankfully the toy seems not to be targeted towards children (because could you imagine explaining this to your offspring?) but rather it is sold in their "indoor decor-table accents section". Whatever that means.

A twerking penguin people? A TWERKING PENGUIN?!


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