Thursday, November 26, 2015

Melbourne Zoo little #penguins that survived fox massacre have returned to their exhibit

The little penguins at Melbourne Zoo are returned to their exhibit. Picture: Jason Edwards
THE surviving members of the little penguin colony massacred by a fox at Melbourne Zoo have returned home to their public exhibit.
Fourteen of the 29-strong colony were killed after a fox snuck in during the early hours of November 4.
Keepers and zoo veterinarians check the penguins before their release. Picture: Jason Edwards
The little penguins are back where they belong. Picture: Jason Edwards
Half of the colony died in the fox frenzy. Picture: Jason Edwards
Keeper James Uren was among those devastated by the losses. Picture: Jason Edwards
The surviving 15 penguins have been sheltered in a secure area as their devastated keepers installed a new electric fence and inspected the zoo’s perimeter for entry points.
A fox caught wandering the empty exhibit four days after the attack was euthanased.
Little penguins, also known as fairy penguins, are the smallest species of penguin, making them especially susceptible to foxes, cats and dogs.


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