Saturday, July 14, 2012

A penguin skyscraper? Waddle they think of next?

Penguin skyscraper
A London zoo wants to transform the city's iconic Gherkin skyscraper into a penguin. Picture: Steve Vidler/ZSL London Zoo
Gherkin building
The famous Gherkin building in London. Picture: Flickr user Jim Linwood 
THIS penguin is in a bit of a pickle.
A zoo in London has set tongues wagging with its proposal to transform the city's landmark Gherkin skyscraper into a giant penguin.

The ZSL London Zoo even released a photoshopped image showing what the building should look like.
It's Happy Feet, on a whole new - and gigantic - scale, minus the smile!
A press release that accompanies the photos explains: "[ZSL London Zoo plan] to approach city bigwigs with the bold concept of turning the prominent Swiss Re Building – more commonly known as The Gherkin – into a giant penguin."
Whether the owners of the building will agree to the stunt is another story.
Waddle they think of next?


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