Friday, January 17, 2014

Tell the New York Stock Exchange, 'No More Penguins!'

penguinLast year, PETA wrote to the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) after SeaWorld took penguins to the exchange's bustling trading floor to coincide with the start of the marine park's initial public offering. We asked the NYSE to ban future exhibitions of wild animals on its property, but apparently our request has fallen on deaf ears. Just a day after New York hot spot Bagatelle canceled SeaWorld's 50th-anniversary bash after hearing from PETA, the NYSE allowed SeaWorld to hustle penguins about on the crowded trading floor yet again.

Penguins have highly specialized needs and shun contact with humans, including brokers and traders. Removing them from their families and larger social groups causes the animals extreme stress, and being forced into close contact with humans leaves them agitated and frightened—not to mention that they had to be transported to New York, which could only have been terrifying for them. Wild animals kept in captivity are already susceptible to illness, and subjecting them to a crowded, noisy environment just causes additional stress and increased potential for illness.

Please tell the NYSE not to allow SeaWorld to tarnish the exchange's reputation with its desperate attempts to improve its wrecked public image. Penguins and other wild animals do not belong at the NYSE. Using the form below, please take a moment to contact the NYSE's vice president and head of corporate responsibility and urge her to ban the display of penguins and other wild animals at the NYSE. Then forward this and get everyone you know to do the same. Thank you!


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