Sunday, January 19, 2014

These 5 Videos Will Make You Love Penguins Even More Than You Did Before

Kristina Pepelko
January 19, 2014 

Many of us have watched plenty of nature videos, films or shows with wonder and amazement as the magnificent agility and skills that penguins possess unfold before us. They are clever beings, amazing, graceful swimmers, swift hunters and loving parents.

But, penguins aren’t always as put together as they seem. Sometimes they encounter problems that they just can’t fully grasp how to solve. Other times, their desires get the better of them and may lead them to flirt with a life of crime.

What’s more, penguins are actually rather clumsy. This probably stems from the fact that they spend up to 75 percent of their lives in the water, according to Defenders of Wildlife, and so they are often much more comfortable navigating water environments over terrain. As a result, penguins have been documented falling off rocks, slipping around on ice, and even tripping over their own steps.
But what would penguins be without this silliness and their grace and smarts? Indeed, it is all these traits combined (and many others) that make them who they are – multifaceted beings with needs, wants, and hopes just like us.

To catch a glimpse at just some distinct penguin personalities, take a look at the five videos below – some may baffle you, some might amaze, and others might make you laugh out loud, but what they all videos have in common is that they’ll make you love penguins even more than you already do, because who could ever resist the charm of these amazing (and sometimes silly) flightless water birds?

1. These two penguins have quite the dilemma on their hands…

2. Sometimes penguins make it onto an iceberg…and sometimes they don’t.

3. Penguins have the amazing ability of popping up just about anywhere…

4. Ever met a stealing penguin? Now you can:

5. This penguin REFUSES to be killer whale dinner and makes a quick, clever decision to save himself.


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