Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Another Little Penguin fall’s victim to dogs running free

Little Penguin Amber now able to open her eyes
Little Penguin Amber now able to open her eyes

At 07:30 today AMWRRO was notified by the South Australian Police that a Little Penguin was found at Middleton beach in need of help. The bird was very unsteady on its feet and was disorientated.  

The bird was housed at a local address whilst a rescue crew attended to collect the bird.  
On admission the bird was unable to open its eyes due to a heavy load of sand that was caked on by blood; once cleaned the full extent of her injuries were revealed. The young female had several open wounds covering her head and around her eyes caused by a dog attack.

Unfortunately this is something seen all too often at AMWRRO, this year we have recorded over 22 penguins maimed by off leash dogs and these are the lucky ones. 

AMWRRO suspects hundreds more would fall victim each year but are never found or, are killed either by the dog itself or by savaging foxes whilst hiding in sand dunes at night.
This Little Penguin has been named Amber and she is finally recovering from her ordeal but is still in a critical condition. 


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