Thursday, July 3, 2014

Penguin gets first glance of herself on ArtWorks mural

By Tana Weingartner

Paula standing before a 25-foot tall version of herself.
Tana Weingartner WVXU

Paula the penguin took a trip outside the Newport Aquarium Thursday to check herself out. The African black-foot penguin seemed only mildly impressed by the 25 foot tall version of herself painted on the north exterior wall of the Aquarium. The artists and young artist apprentices working on the mural, however, enjoyed seeing how their work turned out.

ArtWorks Cincinnati is in the midst of producing a "Shark Wall" mural for Newport Aquarium as part of the aquarium’s 15-year anniversary. When complete it will feature a 35-foot long sand tiger shark along with other marine life.

At more than 300 feet long, the "Shark Wall" mural is ArtWorks longest project to date, according to Aquarium spokesman Jeff Geiser. The design was created by professional artist and former ArtWorks apprentice Roz Tallmadge.

It's expected to be complete some time in August.


Paula waddles behind her keeper in front of the ArtWorks mural. Run, Paula, Run!
Tana Weingartner WVXU
Artists and artist apprentices take pictures of Paula standing in front of the mural they're working on.
Tana Weingartner WVXU

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