Friday, July 11, 2014

These penguins in Norway are in danger of overheating due to hotter than usual temperatures

Zookeepers in Norway are taking extraordinary precautions to keep the birds cool.

Save the Earth. If not for your grandchildren, do it for this penguin

Penguin stupor at the Bergen aquarium in Norway. (Greg Gladman/Flickr Commons)

Hotter than usual temperatures in Norway this summer have penguins drooping and their keepers on red alert.
We're talking 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Farenheit). NOT penguin temperatures.

Sad penguin. (Allison Harger/Flickr Commons)

When a penguin is drooping and breathing heavily, things are bad.
"That is a sign of danger," said Kees Oscar Ekeli, managing director of Bergen Aquarium in Norway. "Alarm bells ring when we get close to 25 degrees [Celsius, or 77 degrees Farenheit]."

(jechstra/Flickr Commons)

The aquarium in Bergen has been trying to avoid a penguin over-heating crisis by pumping in cold water from nearby fjords and sprinkling it on the penguins to cool them down.
Let's hope it works.

(Allison Harger/Flickr Commons)

(kvitlauk/Flickr Commons)


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