Friday, July 11, 2014

Dundee city centre penguin gets new outfit

9 July 2014
One of the penguins outside the City Churches in Dundee city centre has been spotted wearing a cosy new cardigan.

The critter, one of five bronze penguins introduced to the city in 2005, was made by sculptor Angela Hunter and is facing towards the RRS Discovery, which is docked at the waterfront.

Now a mysterious animal and art lover has gifted the bird a nifty little red jacket to warm it on its return journey to the Antarctic with Scott and Shackleton.

Yarnbombers across Tayside were thrilled to see another example of public woollen art, though none of them would own up to being the culprit.

Leona-Jayne Kelly, owner of Fluph yarn shop on Blackness Road, said: “It wasn’t me! This is the first I have heard about it.”

And Marta Mitchell, the Carnoustie yarnbomber, also wouldn’t take credit for the cardigan. She explained yarnbombing isn’t for any specific purpose, but more about reinvigorating urban environments.


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