Friday, July 24, 2015

Check out these adorable baby Humboldt penguins being tickled, fed and weighed at ZSL London Zoo

These tiny baby penguins are almost too cute to be real.

Check out these adorable baby Humboldt penguins being tickled, fed and weighed at ZSL London Zoo
Last updated: 23 July 2015
Are you ready for an explosion of cuteness? We’ve totally fallen in love with these tiny fluffballs of joy. The two baby Humboldt penguin chicks are being hand-reared by keepers at ZSL London Zoo after they discovered that their mum and dad (first-time parents, so let’s cut them some slack) weren’t giving them enough attention.

Here’s Adrian Walls, head of birds at ZSL, explaining a little bit more about the cute chicks.

Penguin Beach at ZSL London Zoo is home to a colony of South American Humboldt penguins, currently listed as vulnerable by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), and the group have successfully bred a number of chicks, including one that has fledged his nest after being doted on by his parents earlier this year.

The two baby penguins are currently being looked after by keepers in the zoo’s custom-built nursery.
So that they don’t get lonely they’ve been given lots of similarly miniature friends to play with.
A baby penguin and some cuddly toys
(Anthony Devlin/PA)
This my crew, blad.
A baby penguin and its cuddly toys
(Anthony Devlin/PA)
You wanna get with me? Gotta get with my friends.
It looks like they’re being made a COMPLETE fuss of – here is one in a more laid-back mood being treated to a delightful little tickle.
Baby penguin is tickled
(Anthony Devlin/PA)
We bet that feels nice!
Jus’ hanging out, being hand-reared.
A baby penguin in his handler's hands
(Anthony Devlin/PA)
Oh hey you guys!
Two penguin chicks
(Anthony Devlin/PA)
Two of the baby penguins relaxing together
(Anthony Devlin/PA)
Enjoying a mid-morning snack.
A baby penguin is fed
(Anthony Devlin/PA)
The chicks have progressed from “blended fish protein shakes” to individual pieces of fish. YUM!
A baby penguin being fed small portions of fish
(Anthony Devlin/PA)
A baby penguin with its soft toys
(Anthony Devlin/PA)
Everybody say ahhhhhhhhh.
It looks like the baby penguins have everything they could wish for. Everything, it would seem, except names.
Which is why ZSL is launching a competition on its Facebook page on Friday to christen the two chicks. Because the team can’t tell what gender they are now (they will have to send the chicks’ feathers off when they are older to determine this), the public is being asked to suggest unisex names.
We think this one looks like a Jo/Joe.
A baby penguin is weighed
(Anthony Devlin/PA)
And this one is definitely a Sam.
A baby penguin chick is tickled on the head
(Anthony Devlin/PA)
TOO cute. We’re going to have to spend the next five minutes staring at scaly reptiles to restore the equilibrium in our brains.


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