Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Dallas Zoo's Baby Penguin Goes for First Swim (video)

Marina the African black-footed penguin went for her first swim at the Dallas Zoo on Tuesday. (Published Tuesday, Jul 14, 2015)
The Dallas Zoo's first-ever baby penguin went for her first swim Tuesday.
Three-month-old Marina finally shed her gray feathers and was ready to start learning to swim.
Marina assessed the situation, as cameras rolled, and then took the leap, jumping into the pool as if she's done it a million times before.
A zookeeper was standing by just in case but wasn't needed.
"It was a big deal for us, just to make sure she came out of the exhibit fine, was comfortable in the water," said the Dallas Zoo's Bird Curator Sprina Liu. "It was perfect, she jumped right in and was very comfortable bathing, immediately, so it was a really big deal for us and for her."
Marina is an African black-footed penguin. She was born on April 15. She's the first chick for parents, Tazo and Tulip.
After Marina frolicked in the pool for a bit, Tazo and Tulip came out to take a look, and eventually joined her in the pool.

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