Monday, July 27, 2015

WATCH: NSRI rescues distressed penguin

27 July 2015
by MornéJK jk -  
The NSRI Simonstown crew members rescued a penguin during a sea rescue training exercise in the Simonstown yacht basin.

According to a statement by die NSRI, the Penguin appeared to be in distress, only swimming in circles while flapping one wing.

"The Penguin seemed to be taking breaks appearing to try to clean itself in between the swimming efforts and then flapping one wing and again only going around in circles," the statement read.

A dark brown smudge could be seen on the chest of the Penguin.

"A large net was brought to the scene by TMNP rangers and the Boulders Beach Penguin Sanctuary officials and they used the net to assist the NSRI Simonstown volunteers to safely capture the Penguin with the least amount of stress to the animal."

The Penguin had been heavily oiled and was transported to SANCCOB to be cleaned and rehabilitated.


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