Sunday, July 26, 2015

Penguin rescued off Simonstown

(Vano Shlamov, AFP)
(Vano Shlamov, AFP)
Cape Town - A penguin which had been covered in oil, was rescued off in Simonstown, the NSRI said on Sunday.

The bird was spotted during a sea rescue training exercise in the Simonstown yacht basin on Saturday, National Sea Rescue Institute spokesperson Craig Lambinon said.

“The Penguin appeared to be dark in colour and seemed to only be able to swim in circles while flapping one wing.”

He said the penguin also seemed to be trying to clean itself and a dark brown smudge was visible on its chest.

Officials were called onto the scene and used a rope to capture the penguin with the least amount of stress to the animal.

“It appears that the Penguin had been heavily oiled and the Penguin has been transported to the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds [SANCCOB] to be cleaned and rehabilitated.”


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