Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Tiny Penguin Siblings Meet After Hatching Just Days Apart

February 9, 2016

Two tiny, fluffy African penguins have hatched just days apart at the Dallas Zoo.

Video shows one of the chicks pecking out of its egg before waiting for its sibling to emerge. Days later, the camera captures the duo embracing as the smaller penguin leans on the larger one.

"Just breathe. What you're about to watch is beyond cute," the zoo said as it shared the video to Facebook on Monday.

The first penguin hatched January 28 and the second arrived February 1. The penguins, who have not yet been named, weigh 2.5 ounches each. The zoo does not yet know their genders.
"The two fuzzy balls of joy are doing great, and so are parents Tulip and Tazo, even with double the work!" the zoo said.

The siblings also have an older sister, Marina, who was born last year. The zoo hopes these two new additions will be joining her for their first swim this spring.


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