Thursday, February 19, 2009

Eight Gentoo Penguins are born in Loro Parque

Eight Gentoo Penguins are born in Loro Parque

Thursday, 19 February 2009 17:52

Loro Parque is celebrating the south polar summer with more birds, in this case eight Gentoo penguin chicks that have recently hatched and are growing day by day close to their parents and carers.

Weighing between 5 and 6 kg, very soon they will be joining the grand penguin family, maintained in Loro Parque since 1998, the most distinguished and recognised zoo park in Spain.
The chicks are being cared for by their parents, who take it in turns to be with them, and also to fetch and feed them fish. They are gaining weight and will soon moult. Their sex is still unknown, as we still have to wait till they are a little more mature to determine this by DNA analysis. It is not possible to tell the difference between the sexes of these penguins by external appearance.
Loro Parque reminds its visitors that now is the best time of the year to visit and enjoy these wonderful animals. They are in their summer season, enjoying a lot of light and everybody will be delighted with their friendly antics.

Loro Parque Foundation

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