Friday, February 13, 2009

Roxy Wins Hundreds of Hearts

London’s favourite penguin inundated with Valentine's messages

Fri, 13 Feb 2009 1:38p.m.

It is not easy being single in a big city on Valentines Day, especially if you are a penguin from the other side of the globe.

But Roxy, a four-year-old rock hopper penguin from the sub-Antarctic islands and London Zoo's most popular single female has one consolation; she has been receiving Valentines Day cards from people from all over the UK.

Roxy was previously at Whipsnade Zoo but was moved because she was disturbing the other penguins’ eggs.

Now she is the most adopted animal at London Zoo and one of its most famous, on her MySpace page she has 431 friends and counting.

And with fame comes adoration, every year leading up to the 14th of February she receives cards from human fans.

On Thursday she was presented with the cards that have arrived so far.

Popularity in the human world has so far not resulted in a relationship with a fellow penguin.

Milo, the Zoo's only male penguin, has showed no interest in Roxy or any of the other female penguins.

London Zoo staff member Evelyn Guyet, who looks after Roxy and the other penguins, said the Valentines card senders would remain anonymous, but that she hoped Roxy would find a mate soon.

The zoo is now hoping to get another male in to find Roxy a partner and kick start their penguin breeding program.


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Picture courtesy of Flickr

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