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The Penguin Foundation e-newsletter for March, 2009

Tuesday 24 February
In this issue

* Little Penguin news
* special promotions
* news and events
* nature park heroes

Phillip Island’s Little Penguins need your help!
The Phillip Island Penguin Foundation is a registered charity which raises important funds for protecting penguins and their habitat.
You can adopt a penguin and learn more about the Foundation’s important work at www.penguinfoundation.org.au

Adopt a Penguin

Little Penguin news

The Little Penguin breeding season is nearing an end and most of the penguin chicks have gone to sea to fend for themselves. Adult penguins are preparing for the annual moult which means they are travelling long distances at sea to find food. During the moult, they stay on land without food for seventeen days while their old feathers are pushed out by a whole new coat of blue and white feathers.

They need to double their body weight to survive the intensive moulting period. This time of feeding puts the penguins’ ocean skills to the test with some adult penguins travelling up to 130km in one fishing trip. They also travel to deeper waters to dive for fish to eat. Our research team reports that the deepest-dive record for a Little Penguin has been broken twice this season and now stands at an amazing 73 metres!

At the Penguin Parade, you can expect to see:

* the last remaining penguin chicks hungrily waiting for their parents to come home and you may also see them being fed
* very fat penguins waddling across the beach – these are preparing for the moult
* ruffled penguins which look like ‘grumpy feather dusters’ around the burrows - these penguins have come ashore to begin the moulting process.

Kids Visit Free!
Phillip Island Nature Parks is a magical experience for kids and we have a special offer for you. Until the end of March, kids visit the Nature Parks for free!
Offer is valid for a free child’s ticket with every adult ticket purchased. Offer ends 31 March, 2009 and is not valid with any other offer.


Penguin Parade Viewing Stand Upgrade
The viewing stands in the Penguin Parade general viewing area have been fitted out with recycled timber. This exciting renovation improves the look of this area, making it feel more natural and it will also be warmer in winter for a more enjoyable penguin viewing experience!

Giant Penguin Soon to Arrive
Standing at less than half a metre tall, Phillip Island’s Little Penguins are the smallest in the world. But, rumour has it that a 9-metre GIANT penguin will soon be arriving at Phillip Island Nature Parks – now that is BIG news! Stay tuned to find out just what this penguin is all about, where you can spot this giant and just how much fish it will eat every day!

Churchill Island Daily Farm Activities
Churchill Island Heritage Farm NOW offers farming demonstrations every day. These exciting and interactive activities allow visitors to experience this working, historic island farm. At anytime of day, visitors can take a self-guided tour of the heritage listed homestead and cottage garden and also pat the baby animals in the nursery.

Each afternoon between 2.00pm and 3.30pm, Churchill Island comes alive with entertaining farming activities for everyone to enjoy including;
- Hand milking the house cow
- Blacksmith displays in the historic ‘smithy shop’
- Sheep-shearing demonstration
- Australian working dogs herding ducks and cattle

New Eco Experience Education Package
The Marketing Team is proud to announce the launch of their latest educational package; ‘Eco Experience’. This is a ranger-led tour that incorporates Phillip Island Nature Parks’ top attractions; Churchill Island Heritage Farm, Koala Conservation Centre, Penguin Parade and Nobbies Centre. The Eco Experience package gives participants an in-depth, hands-on tour of the Nature Parks’ award-winning management, ecotourism and research programs. The Eco Experience is a perfect addition to an itinerary for groups or FIT visitors interested in ecotourism.

nature park heroes

Richard Dakin (on the right) – Phillip Island Nature Parks Environment Manager
‘Dakes’, as he is known to his colleagues, is a true Nature Park hero. His role as Environment Manager is more than a job – it’s his passion. He has worked at Phillip Island Nature Parks for over ten years, first as a ranger before taking on the role of managing the Environment Team which consists of rangers and wildlife rehabilitation staff.

Dakes has dedicated his life to protecting Phillip Island’s wildlife and environment. He has overseen several oil-spill clean up operations on Phillip Island, been responsible for the planting of many thousands of plants for wildlife habitat and has donated many hours to the rescue of injured wildlife on Phillip Island.

Dakes is down to earth and cares about nature and wildlife and is just one of the heroes on the Nature Park team.

Phillip Island Nature Parks is an award winning, not for profit organisation dedicated to international excellence
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If you have any feedback or questions, please contact a member of the marketing team.

Mrs Nicoleta Giurgiu
Sales & Marketing Manager
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International Marketing Executive
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