Sunday, February 15, 2009

Kings are Kings of the Zoo (in Edinburgh, that is)

King Penguins crowned zoo's most loved

Published Date: 13 February 2009
THE King Penguins have been revealed to be the "most loved" animals at Edinburgh Zoo.
As part of a poll for Valentine's Day, the zoo looked at which animals had the most adopters – people who had signed up to help support them.

The King Penguins took the top place, followed by Mercedes the Polar Bear and the attraction's Rockhopper Penguins.

The "least loved" animals were the Bleeding Heart Doves, although zoo bosses are hoping to give them a Happy Valentine's Day, when keepers introduce a male to a female after being on his own for two years.

Colin Oulton, head keeper of birds at Edinburgh Zoo, said: "We're very happy to have found a mate for our male dove."

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