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Snow falls at Penguins Rock

10 December 2014

Penguins will waddle their way through a winter treat as icy snow descends upon Edinburgh Zoo’s Penguins Rock, Europe’s biggest outdoor penguin enclosure. Keepers will empty buckets of crushed ice onto the mock sandy beaches as a special Christmas enrichment for the birds.

14 12 09 Gentoopenguin Icytreat Kp 6
Dawn Nicoll, Senior Keeper of Penguins at Edinburgh Zoo, said:

“Naturally inquisitive, we are sure the penguins will quickly waddle over to have some fun in the snow – they’ll be scooping up the ice in their beaks, stealing blocks of it from the display and maybe even slipping and sliding through the crushed ice!

“As we are in Scotland and have four distinct seasons, our penguins usually experience some snowfall at least once a year. Penguins enjoy snow, but it is actually a misconception that all penguin species live in snowy climates all year round.”

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Penguins have been residents at Edinburgh Zoo for over 100 years and it is now home to three different species; gentoos, northern rockhoppers and king penguins. The colony has several famous residents including the world’s highest ranking penguin, Sir Nils Olav, a king penguin who is the mascot of the Norwegian Guard. Their enclosure, Penguins Rock, is the largest outdoor penguin pool in Europe and offers lowered glass perimeters to make visitors feel closer to the birds.

Every day the penguins take part in a voluntary Penguin Parade, powered by Penicuik, through a pathway lined with visitors. The world famous tradition started by accident in 1951 after a keeper left the gate open and penguins began to walk around the Zoo.

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