Monday, December 14, 2015

Manly penguin wardens congratulated for efforts during breeding season

Little penguin’s Princess and her daughter Cersi. Picture Troy Snook.
IT was probably one of their toughest yet, but Manly’s little penguin colony has survived another breeding season.
NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service held a special ceremony this week for the local penguin wardens who dedicated their time to protecting the colony at North Head.
Acting NPWS head Tom Bagnat said that despite losing more than 20 little penguins from a fox attack, the remaining colony was now safe.
A fox spotted by infrared camera set up at North Head. Picture: NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service.
“The community has been invaluable in helping parks’ staff to protect the little penguin colony over the past six months,” he said.
“This includes assisting in the nightly vigil to keep the breeding birds safe from fox predation at their most vulnerable times.”
Penguin wardens Bev Prior and Marray Sharp during their “nights watch”. Picture: Martin Lange.
After the fox attacks, a “nights watch” was set up for a number of weeks to scare off any predators and keep the little penguins safe.
“Today is about acknowledging their contribution saying a heartfelt thank you to these dedicated individuals,” Mr Bagnat said.
Five foxes were removed from north head throughout the breeding season. Until every chick has fledged, the little penguin wardens and NPWS staff will remain on guard.


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