Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Penguins delighted with their gift of Christmas crackers

These cute creatures at the National Sea Life Centre were treated to a Christmas lunch - complete with crackers 
The penguins squabbled over the crackers Photo: National Sea Life Centre
No Christmas dinner is complete without a cracker to pull.
These penguins are aware of that fact now, after receiving a Christmas treat at the National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham.
The Gentoo penguin colony were given Christmas crackers to pull - which contained a special festive treat.
The Christmas crackers contained herring! What a treat!  Photo: National Sea Life Centre

It wasn't a shoehorn or a funny joke; the prize was a herring.

The cheeky animals squabbled over the prize, before one emerged victorious.
A spokesperson for the centre said: "Christmas has come early for the Gentoo penguin colony at The National Sea Life Centre Birmingham as the cheeky birds were treated to a tasty Christmas lunch by their keepers.

"No festive feast would be complete without crackers, which resulted in the traditional Christmas squabbles for the prize, which was in this case, a herring!"

The penguins enjoyed a festive banquet  Photo: National Sea Life Centre

The Gentoo penguins are a favourite attraction at the centre.
They are the noisiest animals in there, emitting loud calls.
Gentoo penguins also go through a 'catastrophic mault' once a year, where they lose all their feathers and grow new ones for the following year.

The natural habitat of the Gentoo Penguin is the Antarctic, but they also live on surrounding islands and Argentina. One of the main Gentoo Penguin colonies is on the Falkland Islands.
They are also the fastest swimming penguins - they can reach speeds of up to 36kph and dive to 170metres.


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