Thursday, December 24, 2015

Moody Gardens in Texas has a new arrival...

 thanks to parents Ozzie and Gaga swapping turns atop the egg.
Texas Digest: Moody Gardens welcomes baby rockhopper penguin photo
The aquarium complex in Galveston on Monday unveiled a southern rockhopper penguin chick. It’s the first time that a southern rockhopper has hatched at Moody Gardens.
Spokeswoman Courtney Carr said Tuesday that officials aren’t sure if the chick is a he or a she, pending blood tests. Carr says the chick remains in the nest with its parents, but is on display in the penguin exhibit.
The Galveston County Daily News reports biologists over the weekend discovered the newly hatched aquatic bird.
The new rockhopper won’t develop its signature yellow crest for months. It takes about a year for a penguin to begin to molt and develop its adult plumage.


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