Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Think human parents have it hard - look at this penguin with hundreds of chicks

The amazing photo was taken by nature photographer Dennis Minty, who couldn't believe the shot he'd taken

Adult King penguin among a colony of fluffy baby penguins
Stressed much: Adult King penguin among a colony of fluffy baby penguins
This amazing picture captures the striking contrast between a ‘stressed’ adult penguin among a colony of fluffy baby penguins.
Dennis Minty, a nature photographer from Newfoundland, Canada, claims he didn’t intentionally snap just adult penguin left alone among babies - but is happy with the way it’s turned out.
The 68-year-old took the picture of the penguins whilst on an expedition in Gold Harbour, South Georgia Island - where he came across a major colony of King Penguins.
South Georgia Island is described as a paradise for wildlife lovers.
It has a huge selection of animals and birds who call it home, including seals, elephant seals, king penguins and the smaller gentoo penguins.
There are also wandering albatross and giant petrels.
South Georgia Island is one of the more remote and wildest places on the planet and at just over 100 miles long has no human inhabitants.


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