Thursday, December 10, 2015

Penguin chicks join Gold Coast colony

There's a new trio of hot chicks on the Gold Coast - and they're not meter maid recruits.

The three Gentoo penguin chicks were welcomed into the world - and Sea World's penguin colony - earlier this year.

As their first Christmas approaches, staff say the latest additions to the flightless family are doing well.

"The gorgeous little chicks are all doing really well and we are very excited," senior penguin keeper Katrina Krygger said.

Doting parents Widget and Bella, Geuce and Percy, and Sanka and Binka are doing their part to help the youngsters along, dutifully regurgitating small fish at all hours of the clock.

Since hatching, the Antarctic natives have tripled in size and will reach up to seven kilograms.

The two older chicks have already left the nest to learn vital skills and develop waterproof feathers.

Suggestions for naming the three chicks can be made on Sea World's Facebook page.


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