Friday, October 18, 2013

African Penguin visits Holy Guardian Angels School

Kunye, an African penguin from the Lehigh Valley Zoo, parades in front of the third grade at Holy Guardian Angels Wednesday morning.
Nature came into the classroom at Holy Guardian Angels Regional School Wednesday when third-graders received a visit from Kunye, an African penguin from the Lehigh Valley Zoo.

The appearance by Kunye the penguin at the Hyde Park school capped a year of related reading for students, who studied "Mr. Popper's Penguins" in second grade and are reading Bruce McMillan's "Night of the Pufflings" this year.

"They did the program in basically three parts," third-grade teacher Rose Dismuke said of Wednesday's event. "Their (the penguins') existence, threats and what people are doing to conserve them."

Among the lessons, students took part in an oil spill activity where they dipped feathers in oil and then cleaned them with Dawn dishwashing liquid.

The zoo left behind lesson plans and activities for teachers to implement across the curriculum board.

"I hope they took away just a greater awareness," Dismuke said of her students. "Coming up into third grade, they think they (the penguins) are really cute. They don't think of what they can do."


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