Thursday, October 17, 2013

Penguin News from South Georgia Island

The number of Gentoo penguins has been steadily building all month but they don’t seem to be doing much nest building yet. Most evening’s decent sized groups can be seen jumping through the water towards the beach, before emerging all at once and waddling up to the nesting site for an overnight rest. Last year the first egg was laid on September 22nd, but this year it is unlikely to be until mid October.
GSGSSI have published their first Annual Report. The report, which is designed to keep people informed about Government activities on and off the island, was published on this website on September 2nd and has been distributed to stakeholders. The 13-page document covers the 2012/13 period and is introduced by Commissioner Nigel Haywood who writes that, “The 2012/13 season has been a busy and eventful one for the GSGSSI… All told, this has probably been the busiest year in South Georgia since the end of the whaling era.”

 The GSGSSI 2013 Annual Report can be downloaded here.


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