Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy feet still a while away

A LOST penguin from New Zealand, found washed up at Seymour, would have died if it were not for the efforts of wildlife rescuers yesterday. A couple found the Fiordland crested penguin on the beach yesterday afternoon.

The threatened species is from the south and south-west coastal areas of New Zealand. Vicki Garrity and Geoff Preston, owners of Bicheno's Pademelon Park Wildlife Refuge, have been caring for the penguin since it was found. The penguin was tired, underweight and starving, they said.

Ms Garrity said the bird had now been rehydrated and fed. ``It's very skinny,'' she said. ``But it's somewhere safe now, where dogs, cats and four-wheel-drives won't run it over on the beach. It would have otherwise died. It's 2.2 kilograms, but should be 3.5 kilograms at least. It's very lucky. It just swam from New Zealand.''

Ms Garrity has nicknamed the bird ``Kiwi'' and is hopeful it will survive. ``We will see what tomorrow brings. We will get it looked at by the vet,'' she said.


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