Friday, April 18, 2014

Chester Zoo welcomes three rare penguin chicks, just in time for Easter

Keeper Karen Neech explains why Humboldt penguins are endangered and what can be done to increase their numbers

16 Apr 2014

Chester Zoo has welcomed three Humboldt penguin chicks, just in time for Easter. The chicks, which are a welcome addition to the endagered South American penguin species, weigh just 87g. Adult penguins grow up to 28in (70cm) long and a weigh up to 8-13lbs (5.9kg).
In preparation for this summer’s World Cup in Brazil, South America, keepers at Chester Zoo have named newest penguin arrivals after some of England’s brightest football stars, past and present.
Over-fishing and destruction of their natural habitat in Peru and Chile has meant the Humboldt penguin species is now endangered.
Penguin keeper, Karen Neech explained: "Just through working with the people out in Chile and Peru, educating them and showing the importance of keeping penguins they can try and look after them and increase their numbers."


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