Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Zoo staff step in to save rare penguin chick

Mon 14 Apr 2014
Penguins hatch at Drusillas Park

The chick was born with the help of zookeepers after the mum faced difficulties Credit: Drusillas Park
A rare penguin chick has hatched with the help of zookeepers from Sussex after a difficult birth.
The Humboldt chick emerged from its shell on Wednesday 2nd April after staff noticed a small hole in the egg.
The cheeky chick finally broke free on Wednesday Credit: Drusillas Park
Humboldt penguins usually hatch after 40 days with greyish feathers and both parents work together to feed and care for their young.
The chicks tend to leave their nest at around 10-12 weeks.
The small shell which the penguin hatched out of on Wednesday Credit: Drusillas Park
Deputy Head Keeper, Jason O’Connell commented: “Hatching can be a difficult time and it can take a while depending on the chick’s own strength. The chick is doing really well now and we are pleased with his progress. "He will be cared for by his parents within the safety of the nest box over the next few weeks, before finally waddling out onto the beach in time for summer."


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