penguin 6.

Today is World Penguin Day--the day when penguins leave their rookeries with their newly fledged offspring and return to the sea to fatten up, away from the harsh winter of Antarctica. Well, except for the Emperors, that is, but we won't go into that story for the moment.

In order to pay our respect for all the joy they have brought us during this egg-laying, chick-rearing season, here are a selection of photos that show penguins as wild animals, plain and simple, in all their natural magnificence and of course, cuteness! So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some amazing shots of our webbed-footed friends along with a compilation of comments from Japanese Internet users.

penguin 1
penguin 2

- Yippee!
– These pictures completely make you want to jump in and play with the penguins!

Yup, these guys are really splashin’ … and appear to be having some serious fun!! And darn, that water looks cool and appealing, especially when it’s so hot here now in Japan.

penguin 3
penguin 4

- I really want to go to the Penguin Aquarium near my home now.

Yes, I would too, after seeing these photos, if there were an aquarium like that nearby!

penguin 5

Oh my gosh, the webbed feet and the fluffy white feathers!! Of course, penguin fans will go gaga seeing this picture:

-- Makes you want to stick your hand in the feathers and feel the softness.
– Lovely! A figure rounded with subcutaneous fat combined with soft, fluffy feathers!

penguin 6.
penguin 7

Ahh… the pictures look so cool and refreshing. These guys sure don’t have to worry about the summer heat!

penguin 8
penguin 9
penguin 10

- These penguins are wilder in action than I expected!

Yes, it looks like they ride the wild waves sometimes. They’re showing off some pretty nifty moves there!

penguin 12
penguin 13
penguin 14
penguin 18

- Whoever said penguins can’t fly? Look at that!
– Flightless birds? Well, they sure look like they’re flying!
– What dynamic motion!
– Wow, I really want to go take pictures of penguins myself now!

Yes, the penguins certainly look graceful don’t they? It’s hard to imagine from their wobbly walk, but they’re practically “poetry in motion” in these pictures.

penguin 16

Okay, now, can you resist a picture like that? I certainly can’t, and neither, it seems, can many Internet users:
- Awwww, how cute is the baby penguin?
– Why don’t you come over to my place, penguins? I keep it a very comfortable 13~15℃ (55°F~59°F)!
– Can’t I pull one of the penguins out of the pictures to keep?
– I want a penguin of my own!

penguin 17

- Wow, it looks like this guy is on a mission … maybe to rid the world of every last killer whale?

Of course, it’s ninja penguin, off to combat evil to make the world a safer place! No, but seriously, wouldn’t penguins look awesome playing the part of special ops agents?

penguin 20

- This is so beautiful, it’s moving.
– The best (picture) certainly came last in this case!
– It looks like a scene out of a movie.

And that is my homage to this year's penguins. Let's all wish them well on their voyage out to sea, as we look forward to seeing them return to their rookeries next autumn (N. hemisphere).

Source: Hamster Sokuho (Japanese)