Tuesday, December 1, 2015

News from South Georgia Island

 To a gentoo penguin, seal bones are just another handy nest building material!
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Gentoos penguins roost on land throughout the year at South Georgia, and in mid-October they are returning to breeding colonies to rebuild nests and lay eggs. Nests are constructed with carefully collected piles of stones, or with mud or moss found around the colonies. On Bird Island, there are vast numbers of vicious breeding fur seals later in the summer and the territorial battles between the males often lead to mortal wounds, so many seals die on the beaches.

 A few days before Halloween an all-white gentoo penguin was spotted at Bird Island. The bird is not albino (it has dark eyes and bill). Its colour is described as leucistic and it is caused by a lack of the usual dark pigment in the plumage..


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